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We send out Care Instructions for our fresh flowers and bouquets with all Online Orders

To get the maximum vase life out of your flowers, please follow these instructions carefully

  • When you receive your flowers, unpack them gently

  • Don't worry if they look a little sad, they'll soon pick up.

  • Using clean sharp scissors or secateurs, cut a centimetre or two off the stems

  • Immediately place them into fresh cool deep water in a clean container, vase or bucket

  • Cleanliness is essential for a long vase life

  • Change the water in your vase daily, it really helps!

  • A tiny drop of bleach can help keep the water clean, tiny mind!


TIP - you can dry your bouquet! Enjoy it fresh for a few days then hang it upside down in a dark warm place for a couple of weeks or so. Check it occasionally. No guarantee here, the results can be enchanting or awful!


Dried Flowers and Grasses will last for years.  All you need to do is keep them dry, that's it!

  • To maintain maximum colour, keep them out of direct sunshine.

  • If you leave them in sunshine, the colours will gently bleach and fade as the years go by, which also looks really lovely.

  • If they get too hot, they can dry out and become brittle

  • Avoid proximity to any open flame or fire, they are flammable

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