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  • Who can buy from Black Shed?
    Everyone! Next...
  • How much are your flowers?
    They're priced by the stem Think around £1 a stem, less for some flowers or grasses and quite a lot more for a 6ft Delphinium! You can buy a single flower or a hundred, a bucket or a van full. If you want a lot, contact us well in advance! Our flowers are not cheaper than imported unsustainable flowers but they are much, much better. They are fresher and more natural. They are grown with love and respect for nature, with no chemicals or airmiles. You won't be disappointed!
  • Can I pick my own flowers?
    Yes! Contact us first though! Many of our flowers will be pre-ordered, so you won't have the full pick of the field sometimes. We'll help you though and it's such a lovely thing to do. We are especialy happy for Florists to come and pick their flowers. We love having a natter and seeing what interesting palettes you create!
  • Can we visit Black Shed?
    In normal circumstances you are very welcome to visit Black Shed. It makes a wonderful day out. And you can buy flowers... We're missing our visitors and we'll open as soon as we can! We have a large level car park with easy level access to our gently sloping site. Our grass paths are 3m wide and the beds are arranged in a grid pattern over a 2 acre site. Bear in mind that we're a busy commercial flower farm, so there will be much carrying of buckets, tools, hoses and other things to trip over. Details of how to visit Black Shed are on our Contact page
  • What is the accessability like?
    Black Shed is at Blackmarsh Farm, right on the A30, just east of Sherborne. It has a large and reasonably level gravel car park with easy level access to our gently sloping 2 acre site. Our grass paths are 3m wide and the beds are arranged in a grid pattern over the site. Depending on the season, the grass paths are not always 100% level and smooth. Moles, you know who you are... If wet it can be slippery and the ground soft in the lower areas of the site. Please bear in mind that we're a busy commercial flower farm. There will be people carrying buckets full of flowers, there may be tools and hoses in use. Mostly, it will be peaceful and quiet, bar the sound of the birds and insects. And Peter and Amanda's Cows! Details of how to visit Black Shed are on our Contact page
  • Where do you get your flowers from in Winter?
    We have a very long season here at Blackmarsh Farm. From late February, when the Anemones and Ranunculus flower in the poly tunnel, to late November when the tunnel is full of incredible Chrysanthemums. If we have to order in flowers, we first try and source from the UK, then the EU, very rarely elsewhere. As the farm expands, our need to import flowers grows less each year.
  • Are your flowers Organic?
    We don't use any Pesticides, Fungicides or Inorganic Fertilsers. We do nurture the vital health of our soil. It is the most important part of our flower farming practice. We operate a no-dig system, respecting and encouraging the microbial and mycorrhizal structure of our amazing top soil. We use enormous quantities of mulch, either composted household garden waste, or bio digestate from an Anerobic Digester. We are not an acreditted 'Organic' farm but we operate with nature, rather than against it.
  • Do you sell to the trade?
    Yes! We love our florists. We can pick and prepare for you but are more than happy for you to come and pick your own. Many florists find this to be a very economical way of buying flowers. You get exactly what you need. We love meeting you and seeing what incredible palettes you create from our flowers, foliage and grasses. We'll pick your brains though. Something you struggle to source may very well appear on our list next year... We prefer collection for maximum freshness but offer local delivery or overnight shipping for suitable varieties. Sensible notice for large orders please! Please contact us here to be put on our trade availability and pricing mailing list
  • Can I stroke your beautiful Lurcher?
    Yes! Murphy loves a bit of a fuss. And cheese.
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